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Now Watch It has been working with Lockheed Martin to produce their annual leadership conference since 2013. 

One of our long-standing customers, Goodrich, was taken over by US conglomerate United Technologies. The resulting merging of roles would often presage the loss of a customer — but in this case we were delighted when the new management in America were so impressed with our work for Goodrich that they asked us to create their new exhibition videos, as well as a new video for their ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) and Space division. See ‘Video & Film’.

Now Watch It is proud to have been part of the team that was awarded an Award in BAE Systems’ Chairman’s Awards for Innovation.  This was for our production of an Innovation Theatre area at the Farnborough Air Show, featuring 3D graphic projection, live presenters auditioned and trained by us from BAE Systems, running throughout the Air Show, with over 40 shows a day. See ‘Case Study’.

We subsequently turned this into a 3D film which was featured prominently at a Technology Symposium in Japan for over 250 invited guests. We managed the production of this Symposium, which also won a Chairman's Award for the team. See ‘Conferences and Events’ 



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